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06/01/2023 Grain Shuttle Trains: Relationship Between Auction Markets and Turns Austin Hunt; Jesse GastelleRail
05/25/2023 Costs of Transporting Grain to Mexico Fell in First Quarter 2023 Surajudeen OlowolayemoMexico
05/18/2023 Wheat Total Landed Costs Fell in First Quarter 2023 Bernadette WinstonWheat
05/11/2023 Transportation Demand Limited by Low Export Sales for Marketing Year 2022/23 Kranti MulikOther
05/04/2023 Seasonal Lull in Demand Softened First Quarter 2023 Ocean Freight Rates Surajudeen OlowolayemoOcean
04/27/2023 First-Quarter 2023 Grain Inspections Decline Year to Year Bernadette WinstonInspections
04/20/2023 Fertilizer Transportation: Background, Trends, and 2023 Outlook Austin HuntOther
04/13/2023 Grain Transportation Update: Ongoing Service Issues Amid Low Demand GTR TeamUpdate
04/06/2023 Ethanol Transportation Update for Fourth Quarter 2022 Kranti MulikBiofuels
03/30/2023 Fourth-Quarter 2022 Wheat Landed Costs Bernadette WinstonWheat
03/23/2023 Fourth-Quarter 2022 Soybean Transportation and Landed Costs in the United States and Brazil Surajudeen OlowolayemoCorn & Soybeans
03/16/2023 Review of 2022 Barged Grain Movements and Rates Alexis Heyman; Richard HendersonBarge
03/09/2023 Transportation and Landed Costs of Grain to Mexico in Fourth Quarter 2022 Surajudeen OlowolayemoMexico
03/02/2023 Update on Grain Storage Capacity and Grain Stocks Austin HuntUpdate
02/23/2023 Grain-Export Transportation Demand: Review of 2022 and Look Ahead Surajudeen OlowolayemoOther
02/16/2023 Fourth-Quarter 2022 Corn and Soybean Landed Costs Set Record Highs Bernadette WinstonCorn & Soybeans
02/09/2023 Bulk Ocean Freight Rates: Review of 2022 and Early 2023 Surajudeen OlowolayemoOcean
02/02/2023 Fourth-Quarter 2022 Grain Inspections Continue To Decline Year to Year Bernadette WinstonInspections
01/26/2023 Grain Transportation Update: Conditions Have Improved, But Challenges Persist GTR TeamUpdate
01/19/2023 An Update on Rail Issues for Grain Jesse Gastelle; Peter CaffarelliRail