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06/14/2018 Corn and Soybean Transportation and Landed Costs Up from Last Year Johnny HillContainer
06/07/2018 Containerized Grain Update April TaylorContainer
05/24/2018 First Quarter Soybean Landed Costs Up in the United States and Brazil Surajudeen OlowolayemoCorn & Soybeans
05/17/2018 Wheat Transportation Costs Steady; Landed Costs Mixed During First Quarter Johnny HillWheat
05/10/2018 Increased Farm Values Pushed Up the Landed Costs to Mexico Surajudeen OlowolayemoMexico
05/03/2018 Strong Demand and Service Challenges Drive Up Secondary Railcar Shuttle Rates Adam Sparger; Jesse Gastelle; Peter CaffarelliRail
04/26/2018 Grain Transportation Update GTR TeamUpdate
04/19/2018 Ocean Freight Rates Mixed During the First Quarter Surajudeen OlowolayemoOcean
04/12/2018 First Quarter Grain Inspections Down but Above Average Johnny HillInspections
04/05/2018 Analysis of Truck Data in the Transportation of Grain and Agricultural Products Matt Chang; Peter Caffarelli; Pierre BahiziTruck
03/29/2018 U.S. and Brazil Soybean Transportation Costs Surajudeen OlowolayemoCorn & Soybeans
03/22/2018 Importance of Rail for Moving Grain to Mexico Adam Sparger; Pierre Bahizi; Surajudeen OlowolayemoRail
03/15/2018 Flooding Disrupts Barge Traffic and Raises Rates Matt Chang; Nick MarathonBarge
03/08/2018 Profile of Short Line Railroads in High Grain Production State Adam Sparger; Jesse Gastelle; Peter CaffarelliRail
03/01/2018 Despite Increased Transportation Costs, Mexico Imported More U.S. Corn During the Fourth Quarter Surajudeen OlowolayemoMexico
02/22/2018 Corn and Soybean Transportation Costs Above Third Quarter and Last Year Johnny HillCorn & Soybeans
02/15/2018 Fourth Quarter Wheat Transportation Costs Up Johnny HillWheat
02/08/2018 Strong Bulk Shipments Pushed Ocean Freight Rates Up in 2017, but What Lies Ahead? Surajudeen OlowolayemoOcean
02/01/2018 Recent Grain Disappearance Suggests Increased Demand for Truck Transportation Adam Sparger; Jesse Gastelle; Peter CaffarelliTruck
01/18/2018 Grain Transportation Update GTR TeamUpdate