US Trade Descriptions for Poultry

The US Trade Descriptions for Poultry is a web application that allows users to use the U.S. trade standards to define numerical codes that describe product and packaging requirements for the raw poultry products that they wish to purchase or trade.

There is interactive assistance that links to text explanations, diagrams, and photos of product styles established by The U.S. Trade Standards. The system will not allow users to select product and packaging options that are mutually exclusive or not normally available according to traditional processing procedures.

Once users have defined all attributes of importance, they have an option to print a preview or final page that documents the customized code with narrative detailing the value selected for each attribute. After creating a final version, a printed copy can be forwarded to trading partners and later incorporated into a contract. In addition to the printed copy, the application allows users to save the customized code as a digital object and forward it electronically to trading partners to determine price, product availability, and other contract terms.

To proceed, select a species, product and style from the pull-down options below.


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