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Approved Equipment (TSD-IIB) Finding a Service Provider  Find OSP By State  (QACD) FACT SHEETS Introduction to Grain Elevators (FMD)
Becoming an Official Service Provider (QACD) Grain Cleaning Studies (FMD) Certificates (FMD) Export Elevator Overview (FMD)
Biotechnology (TSD-BASB) Grain Handling Practices (QACD) Exporting Grain (FMD) Operation of a DT (FMD)
Calibrations (TSD-IIB) Handbooks (FMD)   PDF   ePub   Kindle FGISonline: Accesing FGISonline (ODA) Operation of Bulk Weighing Scale (FMD)
Collaborative Studies and Surveys (IAD) Inspection Services (FMD) FGISonlie: Certs & Inspection Data Warehouse (ODA) Testing Bulk Weighing Scale (FMD)
Commodity Testing Laboratory (TSD-BASB) International Service Programs (IAD) FGISonline: Delegation, Designation, Registration (ODA) Electronic Monitoring and Control Systems (FMD)
Cooperative Agreements (QACD) Master Scale Program (FMD) FGISonlie: Equipment Capability Testing (ODA) Automated Weight Monitoring Systems (FMD)
Data and Statistics (FMD) Memoranda of Understanding (ODA) FGISonline: How To Manage Your Data (ODA  
DDR Export Registration Instructions (QACD) Moisture Equipment (TSD-IIB) FGIS’s Role in Aflatoxin Testing (TSD-ACB)  
Directives (FMD) Mycotoxins (TSD) FGIS’s Role in Deoxynivalenol Testing (TSD-ACB) Virtual Reality Models (FMD)
eBooks* (TSD-DMG) National Exception Programs (QACD) Grain Quality or Weight Discrepancies (IAD) Shipping Bin Model (Correctly Wired) (FMD)
eLearning* (TSD-DMG) News Release Archive (ODA) Intransit Fumigation Tween Deckers (FMD) Alternative Correct Indicator Wiring (FMD)
   FGIS Orientation (TSD-DMG) Official Service Providers (QACD) Marketing Documents (FMD) Another Type of Gate: Basket Valve (FMD)
   Grading Tutorials (TSD-DMG) Official U.S. Standards (Grain) (FMD) Official Inspection & Weighing System (FMD) Testing Limit Switch Wiring - Truth Tables (FMD)
   Grading Study Questions (TSD-DMG) Official U.S. Standards (Rice & Pulses) (FMD) Quick Facts for Producers (FMD) An Example of Miswired Limit Switches (FMD)
   Damage Trainers (TSD-DMG)  Performance Verified Test Kits(TSD-ACB) Sampling (FMD) Perform Your Own Wiring Check Exercise (FMD)
   Other Courses (TSD-DMG)  Pesticide Residues (TSD-ACB) Sistema Oficial (IAD) Second Exercise Checking Limit Switches (FMD)
Equipment Testing (TSD-BAR) Proficiency Program (TSD-BASB)
Federal Grain Inspection Service (ODA) Program Notices (FMD)   OSP Site Home (QACD)
FGIS Advisory Committee (ODA) Purchasing Visual Aids* (TSD-DMG) Q&A Policy (FMD)
FGIS Financial Data (ODA) Quality Assurance (QACD) BAR Decisions (TSD) Policy Archive  (FMD)
FGIS Organization and Structure (ODA) Rapid Test Kit Evaluation (TKE) (TSD-ACB) Billing (FMD) Directories  ALL
FGIS Leadership (ODA) Reference Methods (TSD-BASB) Certification (FMD) Forms  (FMD)
Reporting Violations (QACD) DIOO (FMD)
FGISonline (ODA) Reports and Publications (FMD) Exceptions and Service Agreements (QACD) Commercial Visual Aid Catalog (TSD-DMG)
Certificates (CRT) (ODA) Research & Development (TSD-CS) Falling Number (FMD-TSD) OSP Required VRI List (TSD-DMG)
Delegation, Designation, and Registration (DDR) (ODA) Rice Inspection Services (FMD) Inspection and Weighing of Containers (FMD)  
Equipment Capability Testing (ECT) (ODA) Site Design (TSD-DMG) Licensing (FMD) Forms (FMD)
Inspection, Testing, and Weighing (ITW) (ODA) Sorghum Farm Gate Study (FMD) Mycotoxin (FMD-TSD)    AD435-E
Licensing (FOL) (ODA) Soybean Export Assessment (FMD) Vietnam DDG Fumigation (FMD)    AD435-S
Quality Assurance Control (QAC) (ODA) Soybean Farm Gate Study (FMD) Pesticide Resdue (FMD-TSD) FGIS Employee Links
Class Y Weight Certificates (CRT Y) (ODA) Standardizing Commercial Inspections (TSD) Quality Management Program (QACD) InGIPSA
Automated Weighing Events (AWE) (ODA) Technical Training (TSD)   AgLearn
Organization and Personnal (OPA) (ODA) Video Library* (TSD-DMG) Annual Reports to Congress WebTA
Agricultural Product Standards (APS) (ODA) Visual Reference Images* (TSD-DMG) ARC-2017 (ODA) MyEPP
Customer Information Management (CIM) (ODA) Weighing Services (FMD) ARC2016 (ODA) NFC
Inspection Data Warehouse (IDW) (ODA) Wheat Protein Determinations (TSD-IIB) ARC2015 (ODA) TSP
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