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2014 List of certified USDA organic operations

The National Organic Program (NOP) oversees USDA-accredited certifying agents and their certification of organic production and handling operations. In January of each year, the NOP receives information on certified operations from certifying agents. The list below shows all certified, suspended, and revoked operations as reported to the NOP on January 2, 2015. Only certified operations may sell, label, or represent their product as organic unless exempt or excluded from certification.

You may search the list by name, location, or product produced. The header fields in the top row define each column. To conduct a search, either 1) select an option from the drop-down list, or 2) type information into the blank field and hit “return.” To see more details about an individual operation, such as an address, name, and/or email, click on the blue + sign at the far left. To view the information in an Excel spreadsheet, click the “Export to Excel” link in the bottom-left corner of the table, then follow the prompts on your screen.
To download lists of certified operations from previous years as an Excel spreadsheet, click here: 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010. This data is only available from 2010 onward.

Disclaimer: This database contains information about operations that were certified to the National Organic Program regulations as of January 2, 2015. For more up-to-date information about certified organic operations, please contact their certifying agent directly. To find a certifying agent’s contact information, visit our NOP Accredited Certifying Agents page. Once each month, the NOP updates the “status” column to reflect any new suspensions, revocations, or reinstatements, as reported by certifying agents.

For information on Canadian certified operations, see the Canadian Food Inspection Agency website. Since products certified to the USDA organic regulations and the Canadian Organic Regime may be sold as organic in both countries, Canadian operations no longer need to maintain certification to the USDA in order to sell organic products in the U.S. The only Canadian operations listed here are those which produce products that are not eligible for Canadian certification, such as pet food.

Operations certified under international trade agreements, also known as Recognition Agreements, do not appear on this list.