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10/16/2014 Storage Shortfall Worsens on Increased Corn Ending Stocks and Grain Production Marvin PraterUpdate
10/09/2014 Dry Bulk and Container Vessels Orderbook: Implication on Fleet Sizes and Ocean Freight Rates Surajudeen OlowolayemoOcean
10/02/2014 Measuring the Effects of Rail Service Disruptions Adam SpargerRail
09/25/2014 2014 Fall Grain Transportation Situation and Outlook GTR TeamUpdate
09/18/2014 Soybean Transportation Costs Down; Landed Costs Up and Chinese Imports Down Surajudeen OlowolayemoCorn & Soybeans
09/11/2014 Second Quarter Corn and Soybean Transportation Costs Increase from Last Year Johnny HillCorn & Soybeans
09/04/2014 Grain Production Expected to Exceed Storage Capacity: Transportation Service Critical Marvin PraterUpdate
08/28/2014 Landed Costs to Mexico Increased, But Transportation Costs Mixed Surajudeen OlowolayemoMexico
08/21/2014 Second Quarter Wheat Transportation Costs Down; Landed Costs Up Johnny HillWheat
08/14/2014 Grain Transportation Update GTR TeamUpdate
08/07/2014 Grain Rail Service Update Adam SpargerRail
07/31/2014 Containerized Grain—A Historical Perspective April TaylorContainer
07/24/2014 Ocean Freight Rates Continue to Fall; Vessel Fleet Size Increasing Surajudeen OlowolayemoOcean
07/17/2014 Corn and Soybeans Help Boost Second Quarter Grain Inspections Johnny HillInspections
07/10/2014 Importance of Chicago to Grain Transportation: A Closer Look, 1996 to 2012 Pierre BahiziRail
07/03/2014 Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway Grain Exports Drop Johnny HillPorts
06/26/2014 Soybean Transportation Costs Mixed In United States and Brazil; China Imports More Surajudeen OlowolayemoCorn & Soybeans
06/19/2014 Despite Recent Slowdown, 2014 Grain Export Transportation Demand Has Been Strong Surajudeen OlowolayemoUpdate
06/12/2014 Railroad Capital Expenditures to Top $15 Billion Marvin PraterRail
06/05/2014 Transportation and Landed Costs Mixed for Corn and Soybeans Johnny HillCorn & Soybeans