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Issued Certificates

If you know the certificate number or applicant name simply enter the information in the search box. For certificates issued between 1970 and 1999, add two zeroes in front of the 7-digit number.

Certificate Number/Applicant Name:


Alternatively, you can search by selecting a crop below:

Agrotricum Calla lily (f1) Fescue, tall Pea Sunflower (f1)
Alfalfa Caper spurge Festulolium Pea, field Sweetpea
Alkaligrass, weeping Carrot Flaccidgrass Pea, flat Swiss chard
Artichoke Cauliflower Flannel flower Peach Switchgrass
Arugula Celery Flax Peanut Teff
Asparagus (f1) Chia Forget-me-not Pepper Thistle
Aster, china Chickpea Foxtail, creeping Phlox, annual Timothy
Bahiagrass Chicory Gamagrass, eastern Poppy, california Timothy, turf
Barley Chrysanthemum Gazania Potato Tobacco
Basil Clover, arrowleaf Grass, saltmarsh Primrose, evening Tobacco (f1)
Bean, field Clover, berseem Guar Pumpkin Tomato
Bean, garden Clover, red Guayule Radish Trefoil, birdsfoot
Bean, lima Clover, strawberry Hair-grass, crested Radish, daikon Triticale
Bean, mung Clover, white Hardinggrass Radish, fodder Tufted hairgrass
Bean, runner Cockscomb Kikuyu grass Rape Turnip
Beet Coleus Kleingrass Rape, winter Verbena, annual
Beet, sugar Coreopsis, perennial Lablab bean Reed canarygrass Verbena, prairie
Bentgrass, colonial Coriander Laurisagrass Rescuegrass Vetch, common
Bentgrass, creeping Corn, field Lawngrass, japanese Rice Vetch, hairy
Bentgrass, red top Corn, field (f1) Lentil Rocket, wild Vetch, milkvetch
Bentgrass, velvet Corn, popcorn Lespedeza, chinese Rye Vinca
Bermudagrass Corn, sweet Lespedeza, striate Ryegrass (lolium x hybridum) Wallflower
Bermudagrass (f1) Corn, sweet (f1) Lettuce Ryegrass, annual Watermelon
Bluegrass Cornsalad Lobelia, annual Ryegrass, perennial Watermelon (f1)
Bluegrass, annual Cosmos Lovegrass, weeping Safflower Wheat, club
Bluegrass, glaucantha Cotton Lupin Sainfoin Wheat, common
Bluegrass, kentucky Cowpea Marigold Salicornia Wheat, durum
Bluegrass, rough Crotalaria, sunn Meadowfoam Seashore paspalum Wheat, polish
Bluegrass, supina Cucumber Melon, kharbuza Seashore paspulum Wheat, poulard
Bluestem, big Cucumber (f1) Millet, pearl Sesame Wheat, spelt
Brachiaria x Dahlia Muskmelon Shallot Wheatgrass
Broccoli Daisy, blackfoot Muskmelon (f1) Snapdragon Wheatgrass, crested
Broccoli (f1) Daisy, english Mustard, india Sneezeweed, annual Wheatgrass, fairway crested
Broccoli raab Delphinium Mustard, white Sorghum Wheatgrass, green
Brome, meadow Dogstail, crested Nasturtium Sorghum-sudangrass Wheatgrass, hybrid crested
Brome, short Eggplant Oat Soybean Wheatgrass, intermediate
Bromegrass, smooth Endive Oat, black Spinach Wheatgrass, siberian
Bromegrass, sweet Fennel Okra Spruce Wheatgrass, thickspike
Bromegrass, thready Fescue, chewings Onion Squash Wildrye
Buckwheat Fescue, creeping Onion, bunching Squash (f1) Zinnia
Buffalograss Fescue, hard Orchardgrass St. augustinegrass
Buffelgrass Fescue, idaho Pak-choi Steirodiscus
Burclover, california Fescue, meadow Papaya Stevia
Burnet, little Fescue, red Parsley Stock, common
Calendula Fescue, sheep Parsnip Sunflower